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Fowler's Portable Durometers are just right for testing the hardness of flexible materials such as rubber and plastics. These gages conform to shore scales.
• Manufactured in accordance with DIN, ASTM, ISO, and JIS specifications, two styles are available in both analog and digital readout.
• Both A and D scale units are available to fit a wide variety of applications.
• 35° blunt taper Durometers are suitable for testing soft and natural rubber products, neoprene, polyesters, soft P.V.C., leather, thiokol, nitril rubbers, wax, felt, and more.
• Sharp 30° point Durometers are ideal for testing hard rubber, hard synthetic materials, e.g. acrylics, glass, polystyrol, thermoplastics, printing rolls, vinyl sheets, cellulose acetates, densified wood, etc

53-762 Series
54-762 Series

Part Number
Shore Scale
PN: 54-762-001
Price: $1,617.34
Digital Durometer
Blunt taper 35°
.5 Shore
PN: 54-762-002
Price: $1,649.68
Digital Durometer
Sharp 30° point
.5 Shore
Durometer Bench Stand
Fowler introduces the Durometer Bench Stand which is available for use with all models. It has been designed to give improved repeatability and greater accuracy through the removal of operator influence. It is intended for use with 1 kg loading for Shore "A" scales and 5KG loading for Shore "D" scales.

This concept of a low physical force lifting a fixed mass is ideal for both laboratory and production applications.

Maximum height of piece to be tested is 5.12" (130 MM)
Part Number
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Durometer Bench Stand
V-anvil for Durometer Bench Stand

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