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  Operator Friendly: The large digital display allows an easy and convenient reading. The probing indicator guarantees excellent accuracy.
All functions for height, reference, min, max and diameter/centerline are directly available to the operator on a simple control pad.

New innovations: Motorized carridge displacement is controll by a pair of pressure sensitive switches. The harder to operator presses, the faster the carridge moves.
Hi_Cal is also very well connected with both USB and RS-232 as well as power mains adapter.

Accurate and Repeatable: The patented measuring force setting system allows excellent repeatability by removing operator "feel", and can be adjusted for varying probe weights.
The new Sylvac inductive measuring system guarantees a higher accuracy of measurements.
Resolution: 0.00005"/(0.001mm/1um)
Measuring Pressure: Adjustable Approx. 0.8 Newtons
Accuracy (STD): Accuracy: 2.5 [um] + (L/175) [mm]
Repeatbility: 2 um (.000080")
Output Type: RS-232 C (Bi-Directional) and USB
Display: Bright LCD with East to Use controls
Interface Connections: RS232, USB & Power
Operational Temperature: +10° to +40° C
Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery Pack (>40 Hours)
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0-6"/150mm Hi Cal 150
0-12"/300mm Hi-Cal 300
Standard Probe Kit
Deluxe Probe Kit



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