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Measuring Tips for Screw Thread Micrometers
Whitworth screw (55°thread)
PN: 7381-T2S
Price: $217.50
Included Parts Pitch (turns/inch)
7381-T21 60-48TPI
7381-T22 48-40TPI
7381-T23 40-32TPI
7381-T24 32-24TPI
7381-T25 24-18TPI
7381-T26 18-14TPI
7381-T27 14-10TPI
7381-T28 10-7TPI
7381-T29 7-4.5TPI
7381-T210 4.5-3.5TPI
Micrometer Stands

Compact stand with 1 locking handle

Cast stand with 2 separate locking handles
PN: 6300
Price: $41.40
PN: 6301
Price: $33.60











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