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Suffix Number for Selecting Standard and Certificate Provided

Grade Steel, CERA
K -516**
00 -521*
0 -531*
AS- 1 -541*
AS- 2 -551*
* provided with Inspection Certificate
** provided with Calibration Certificate and Inspection Certificate
Grade and Application
Refer to the following table to select the gage block grade according to usage
Applications Grade
Workshop use
  • Mounting tools and cutters
AS-1 or AS-2
  • Manufacturing gages
  • Calibrating instruments
0 or AS-1
Inspection use
  • Inspecting mechanical parts, tools, etc
0 or AS-1
  • Checking the accuracy of gages
  • Calibrating instruments
00 or 0
Calibration use
  • Checking the accuracy of gage blocks for workshop
  • Checking the accuracy of gage blocks for inspection
  • Checking the accuracy instruments
K or 00
Reference use
  • Checking the accuracy of gage blocks for calibration
  • For academic research

Grade AS-1:
These gage blocks are intended for shop floor use to set and calibrate fixtures as well as precision instruments

Grade 0:
This grade is used within an inspection area to verify the accuracy of plug and snap gages as well as for setting electronic measuring devices

Grade 00:
These higher accuracy gages are intended for use within a controlled environment by skilled inspection staff. Mainly used as reference standards for setting high precision measuring equipment and for the calibration of lower grade gage blocks

Grade K:
Gage blocks of this accuracy are intended for use within a temperature controlled inspection room or calibration laboratory. They should be used as masters with certificates against other gage blocks which are calibrated by comparison




























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