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  • Absolute Encoder ensures all settings and readings maintained for the life of the battery (even when the power is turned off)
  • Preset, Zero-set, inch/mm, +/- direction and GO/±NG functions
  • Face rotates 330 degrees for use at various angles
  • Stem diameter: .375"
  • Immune to overspeed error
  • SPC output provided
  • Average battery life 7,000 hours using SR-44 battery (541980)
Order Number
.0005"/0.01mm Resolution
543-402 .500"/12.5mm Lug Back $294.50
543-402B .500"/12.5mm Flat Back
543-406 .500"/12.5mm Lug Back, Low Force
543-406B .500"/12.5mm Flat Back, Low Force
543-476B 1"/25mm Flat Back
543-496B 2"/50mm Flat Back
.00005"/.0001"/.0005"0.001mm/0.01mm Resolution
543-392 .500"/12.5mm Lug Back
543-392B .500"/12.5mm Flat Back
543-396 .500"/12.5mm Lug Back, Low Force
543-396B .500"/12.5mm Flat Back, Low Force
543-472B 1"/25mm Flat Back
543-492B 2"/50mm Flat Back





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