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Series 37 – Micro (S37) is a half-scale version of the Omni Series 75 – Macro (S75) modular fixturing system and the only system of its kind in the industry. S37 adapts to S75 with a few simple, versatile adapters allowing the construction of larger fixtures on S75 Base Platforms or mating to the small details of larger parts. S37 can be used on CMMs, video / optical systems and other measuring machine.

Platform sizes

(1.5” x 3”, 3” x 6”) x .375” Thick


Extender sizes

.75” x 12” x .750” Thick (S75 – Macro extenders with adapters)


Any size Macro Extender or Base Platform can be used.



#10-32 for all mounting / construction holes


#4-40 for specialized uses


Hole spacing

Omni Penta™

.375” square w/ center hole



Micro M-Adapter & Micro Dyna Mount



S37 – Micro is a miniature system sized to hold parts from spark plugs and printer cartridges to pistons and small turbine blades. With the addition of S75 – Macro components larger parts with small details are easily fixtured.





# of pcs. in kit
444 pcs.
376 pcs.
296 pcs.
220 pcs.
160 pcs.
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