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Series 75- Macro (S75) is the standard sized Omni modular fixturing product. The design adapts to virtually any shape and a wide variety of tooling tasks. S75 is adaptable to most low force / dynamic load applications, from CMM holding fixtures to gauging and light assembly. S75 is used as the details for large fixtures in conjunction with S250 – Super and the bases for small part fixtures when used with S37 – Micro. Series 75 – Macro is the start and end of all Omni fixtures.

Platform sizes

(3” x 6”, 6” x 12”, 9” x 18”, 12” x 24”) x .750” Thick


(3” Sq., 6” Sq., 9” Sq., 12” Sq., 15” Sq. ) x .750” Thick


Extender sizes

Single Width .75” x (12”, 18”, 24”) x .750” Thick


Dual Width 1.50” x (12”, 18”, 24”, 36”, 48”) x .750” Thick


Reference Plates


Standard sizes to 30” x 60” and 36” square. Custom sizes (in 3” increments) are available. Reference Bases can be combined to form larger tooling surfaces. The Reference Hole Pattern can be machined into any fixture base. All Reference Bases are special order.





3/8-16 for all mounting / construction holes 1/4-28, 1/4-20 for specialized uses


Hole spacing

Omni Penta™ .750” square w/ center hole




S75 – Macro is sized to hold virtually any part from small brackets and castings to engines and large castings. With the addition of S250 – Super components S75 becomes the detail components for auto body panels, large castings, exhaust tubing and many other large parts. Primary applications are castings, stamped metal, machined components, molded plastic and more.

# of pcs. in kit
599 pcs.
542 pcs.
486 pcs.
403 pcs.
326 pcs.
212 pcs.
154 pcs.
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