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These electronic height gages are high in innovation and ease of use - loaded with the Starrett-exclusive functions you need to make your measuring routines run smoothly and reliably.

  • A unique, ergonomically shaped base, hardened and ground Hot key that lets you select measuring results on the fly Smart probe that can measure I.D. or O.D. without attachments Electronically adjusted probe force Large, easy-to-read interactive LCD with unique scanning meter for monitoring probe position Electronically adjustable beeper volume Bold screen icons that always remind you of the current routine Three electronically adjustable resolutions Retains the last calibrated diameter of the measuring probe, even after the gage is shut down Starrett capacitive measurement system ensures accuracy and reliability Dynamic bi-directional probing with point and scan modes Five measurement modes: (ID/OD, Center, TIR, Max/Min, Continuous Display)
  • Automatic calculation of eight measurement routines: Center, Diameter, Height, Max, Min, TIR, Distance to last feature, Distance between last 2 points
  • Easy operation with speed wheel, which also has fine-adjust feature Locking mechanism for scribing Rechargeable NiMH batteries with 100 hours of continuous life Auto Power Off after two hours with retention of probe calibration Output data to Starrett SPC Plus® hardware and software and to PCs Instant inch/millimeter conversion
  • Two selectable Datums and Preset
  • Seven setup functions: Probe Calibration (2), Beeper Volume, Display Resolution, Probe Force Adjustment, Printer On/Off, Force Calibration
  • Optional probe kit features a variety of probes for many applications Circular carbide scriber for smooth scribing
  • 24" Gages are furnished with carbide probe, probe holder and probe calibration block as standard
  • Specifications:
    Measuring Range 24"/600 mm (Extendible to 30"/750 mm by rotating probe holder 180°)
    Resolution .0001"/.0005"/.001" (.002mm/.01mm/.02mm)
    Accuracy No. 2000-24 ±.0006" (.015mm)
    Repeatability ±.0001" (± .002mm)
    Power Source NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
    (120V AC/60Hz Charger/Adapter furnished)
    Operation time: 80 Hr, Recharging time: 10 Hours
    Standard Accessories .1875"/4.8 mm Dia. Carbide Probe, Probe Holder, AC Charger/Adapter, Probe Calibration Block
    Dimensions Length 11" (279mm), Width 7 3/4" (197mm), Height 36 1/2" (927mm)
    Weight 40 lbs. (18kg)
    Perpendicularity .0004" (0.010mm)
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    Altissimo Height Gage
    Probe Holder (Standard)
    Probe Calibration Block (Standard)
    Cables, Accessories, Cases
    Accessory Set (Includes the following 5 items):
    .040" (1 mm) Carbide Contact Point
    .120" (3 mm) Carbide Contact Point
    Contact Wrench
    .400" (10.2 mm) Cylindrical Probe
    Holder for Dovetail Indicators
    Replacement Battery Pack, NiMH 6V
    Interface Adapter for Starrett Tools to IBM-PC or Compatible
    Interface Cable to PC



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