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-Kit Contains:
24 steel studs (4 each of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8" lengths)
12 Plastic clamps (4 each of 2.5, 4, & 6" lengths)
4 Coupling Nuts
4 Plastic Hand Knobs
4 Plastic Rest Feet
8 Washers
1 Holder (metal tray)
Nylon 101 - Clamps, Rest Feet
Steel Studs, Coupling Nuts and Washers
-Kits are used to properly hold down workpiece during workpiece inspection.
Thread Size
Order Number
Thread Size
Order Number
PN: 12110
Price: $328.18
PN: 12210
Price: $329.13
PN: 12111
Price: $338.91
PN: 12211
Price: $338.91
PN: 12112
Price: $348.75
PN: 12212
Price: $378.15


The TE-CO Plastic Clamp Kit is designed exclusively for the CMM inspection, laboratory inspection and gaging application. The lightweight construction of the TE-CO Plastic Clamp Kit prevents possible damage to granite plates, delicate workpieces, costly inspection fixtures and expensive laboratory instruments. Also, the plastic construction of the kit can help eliminate damage to painted, plated or finished surfaces while minimizing distortion of platic or slender shapes. The hand-tightening design of the kit allows the user to apply optimum hold down force and prevent possible damage to granite plate inserts. This unique non-marking clamping kit is designed to meet today's demanding inspection needs.

Plastic Clamps are NOT recommended for machining purposes.

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