Fowler-Sylvac BLUETOOTH Ultralight IV Electronic Calipers


Fowler-Sylvac Ultralight IV, new design, new features, built-in Bluetooth transmitter. Discover our amazing Ultralight long range calipers.

• Built-in Bluetooth
• New reinforced frame
• XXL display with .79″/20mm high digits
• Increased accuracy
• Lengthened jaws 7.9″/200mm
• New system for internal measurement
• Protected to IP67
• Moveable left jaw
• Stainless steel titanium coated jaws
• Hold feature
• Preset function
• Min/Max functions
• Tolerance mode
• Internal and external measurement indicator
• New twin guided main beam

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0-15″/0-400mm P/N 54-110-512-0 | 0-40″/0-1000mm P/N 54-110-540-0 | 0-60″/0-1500mm P/N 54-110-560-0 | 0-80″/0-2000mm P/N 54-110-580-0

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0-15"/0-400mm P/N 54-110-512-0, 0-40"/0-1000mm P/N 54-110-540-0, 0-60"/0-1500mm P/N 54-110-560-0, 0-80"/0-2000mm P/N 54-110-580-0


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