Glastonbury VC-1E Vernier Caliper Masters


Glastonbury Vernier Caliper Masters are ideal for calibration and verification of traditional measuring calipers.  Allowing for both inside and outside jaw measurements, each step is hand lapped on both sides. All steps are in 1/2″ increments.

6″/150mm P/N VC-1E-6 | 12″/300mm P/N VC-1E-12 | 24″/600mm P/N VC-1E-24



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Glastonbury’s Vernier Masters are used to calibrate and adjust calipers. The master is superior to gage block calibration because it does not require gage block stacks and therefore it is much faster to the inspect linear range of the tool. In addition they indicate wear on the caliper anvils because both the ID and OD jaws are inspected without additional setup.

• 1.00-6.00 in 1.00 increments for outside jaws, 1/2 to 4 1/2 inside jaws. ±.0002
• 25-150mm in 25.0mm increments for outside jaws, 12.5 to 112mm for inside jaws ±.005mm
• Case hardened, stabilized, ground and lapped to ±.0002

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6"/150mm P/N VC-1E-6, 12"/300mm P/N VC-1E-12, 24"/600mm P/N VC-1E-24


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