Mahr Digimar® 817 CLM Height Measuring Instrument


The Digimar 817 CLM offers a wide range of measurement applications in both 1D and 2D, including dynamic measurement functions with analog display such as MAX, MIN and MAX/MIN. Operation is easy, with self-explanatory ISO standard icons, operator prompts and menus in several different languages.

Measuring Range: 0-350mm/0-14″
Range of Application: 520mm/20.47″


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  • Extremely accurate incremental measuring system with double reader head system, insensitive to the contamination of dirt
  • Transmit data to a PC via RS232 or USB into Microsoft® Excel via FREE MarCom Software
  • Automatic perpendicularity and straightness measurements (in conjunction with accessories)
  • Easy to operate with “Quick Mode“, an innovative solution from Mahr

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