Mitutoyo 329 Series Digimatic Depth Gage 0-6″,0-152.4mm


Part Number: 329-350-30
Range: 0-6″ 0-152.4mm
LCD Resolution: 0.00005″ | 0.001mm
Remarks: with Interchangeable Rods: 6 pcs.

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•Preset capability. Set any desired measurement on the display and recall that measurement
•Instant inch/mm conversion
•Measurement hold key
•Zero-Set key allows for setting zero measurement at any point along spindle.
•Each unit comes with a battery (offers 6 months of life under normal use), key spanner, other adjusting wrenches, fitted carrying case, manual
•SPC output provided
•Data Send button for transmitting readings to SPC systems
•Measuring Force: 6-10N
•Locking Clamp
•Runs off single SR44 battery
•Automatic power-off after 20 minute idle time

•Flatness of reference face (bottom face of base): 0.00008″ for 4″ base
•Flatness of measuring face of rod: 0.000012″/0.3µm
•Parallelism between reference face and measuring face: 0.00016″ + 0.00004″ x (L*/3″)/+/-(2 + L/75)µm
(*truncated after decimal point) L = maximum measuring length
•Zero point error of rod: +/-(0.00008″ = 0.00005″ xL*/3″)/+/-(2 + L/75)µm
(*truncated after decimal point) L = maximum measuring length


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