Mitutoyo IP65 Coolant Proof Micrometers with Ratchet Stop


  • IP65 protection level, enabling use in environments exposed to cutting oil, etc*. *Anti-corrosion treatment is required after use.
  • Measurement data output function is available with a water-resistant connection cable.
  • Auto power ON/OFF function.
  • Certificate of inspection* is included. (2″/50mm or less range models) *It is not the type used to obtain calibration certificates.
  • Sizes over 1″/25mm are supplied with a standard
  • Supplied in fitted case. Plastic case up to 150mm/6″, Wooden box over 150mm/6″


  • Function Origin-set, Zero-setting, Automatic power on/off, Data hold,Data output, inch/mm conversion (inch/mm models)
  • Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error


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0-1″/25.4mm w/ SPC P/N 293-330-30 | 0-1″/25.4mm P/N 293-340-30 | 1-2″/25.4-50.8mm w/ SPC P/N 293-331-30 | 1-2″/25.4-50.8mm P/N 293-341-30 | 2-3″/50.8-76.2mm w/ SPC P/N 293-332-30 | 2-3″/50.8-76.2mm P/N 293-342-30 | 3-4″/76.2-101.6mm w/ SPC P/N 293-333-30 | 3-4″/76.2-101.6mm P/N 293-343-30 | 4-5″/101.6-127.0mm w/ SPC P/N 293-350-30 | 5-6″/127.0-152.4mm w/ SPC P/N 293-351-30 | 6-7″/152.4-177.8mm w/ SPC P/N 293-352-30 | 7-8″/177.8-203.2mm w/ SPC P/N 293-353-30 | 8-9″/203.2-228.6mm w/ SPC P/N 293-354-30 | 9-10″/228.6-254.0mm w/ SPC P/N 293-355-30 | 10-11″/254.0-279.4mm w/ SPC P/N 293-356-30 | 11-12″/279.4-304.8mm w/ SPC P/N 293-357-30

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0-1"/25.4mm w/ SPC P/N 293-330-30, 0-1"/25.4mm P/N 293-340-30, 1-2"/25.4-50.8mm w/ SPC P/N 293-331-30, 1-2"/25.4-50.8mm P/N 293-341-30, 2-3"/50.8-76.2mm w/ SPC P/N 293-332-30, 2-3"/50.8-76.2mm P/N 293-342-30, 3-4"/76.2-101.6mm w/ SPC P/N 293-333-30, 3-4"/76.2-101.6mm P/N 293-343-30, 4-5"/101.6-127.0mm w/ SPC P/N 293-350-30, 5-6"/127.0-152.4mm w/ SPC P/N 293-351-30, 6-7"/152.4-177.8mm w/ SPC P/N 293-352-30, 7-8"/177.8-203.2mm w/ SPC P/N 293-353-30, 8-9"/203.2-228.6mm w/ SPC P/N 293-354-30, 9-10"/228.6-254.0mm w/ SPC P/N 293-355-30, 10-11"/254.0-279.4mm w/ SPC P/N 293-356-30, 11-12"/279.4-304.8mm w/ SPC P/N 293-357-30


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