Mitutoyo SJ-210 Portable Surftest Retractable Drive


Mitutoyo’s SJ-210 is perhaps the most popular hand held surface finish tester in North America. The retractable drive 178-563-01A and 178-563-02A feature an automatic stylus retract. This current generation is available with either 2um radius stylus and 0.75mN detector force or 5um radius stylus and 4mN detector force. A selection of stands and extra probe are available as options.
Travel range 17.5mm
2.4″ color LCD display includes back-lighting and over-size fonts
Detachable drive unit. Supplied with carrying case
USB, RS-232 and SPC data output. Auto calibration
Go/NoGo judgment. Auto sleep function
A micro-SD card will hold up to 10,000 results
39 Analysis parameters. Supplied with precision roughness specimen

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The 2.4-inch color graphic LCD provides excellent readability and an intuitive display that is easy to negotiate. The LCD also includes a backlight for improved visibility in dark environments.
The Surftest SJ-210 can be operated easily using the buttons on the front of the unit and under the sliding cover.
Up to 10 measurement conditions and one measured profile can be stored in the internal memory.
An optional memory card can be used as an extended memory to store large quantities of measured profiles and conditions.
Access to each feature can be password-protected, which prevents unintended operations and allows you to protect your settings.
The display interface supports 16 languages, which can be freely switched.
An alarm warns you when the cumulative measurement distance exceeds a preset limit.
The Surftest SJ-210 complies with the following standards: JIS (JIS-B0601-2001, JIS-B0601-1994, JIS B0601-1982), VDA, ISO- 1997, and ANSI.
In addition to calculation results, the Surftest SJ-210 can display sectional calculation results and assessed profiles, load curves, and amplitude distribution curves.

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178-563-01A with 2um stylus and 0.75mN Force, 178-563-12A with 5um stylus and 4mN Force


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