Starrett Pink Granite Surface Plates


Starrett Pink Granite Surface Plates have been a standard in American factories for several generations. Quarried in one of Starrett’s granite quarries, these surface plates are among the best in the world. Standard sizes and grades are available below. Custom sizes and grades can be quoted.

Why Crystal Pink? Starrett Crystal Pink® Granite has the highest percentage of quartz of any granite. Higher quartz content means greater wear resistance. The longer a surface plate holds its accuracy, the less often it will require resurfacing, ultimately providing better value.

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80616, 80634, 80661, 80652, 80887, 80707, 80716, 80725, 80893, 80761, 80622, 80631, 80658, 80649, 80885, 80704, 80713, 80722, 80891, 80758

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12”x18”x4” Tool Room Grade, 18”x24”x4” Tool Room Grade, 24”x36”x6” Tool Room Grade, 24”x24”x4” Tool Room Grade, 30”x48”x6” Tool Room Grade, 36”x36”x6” Tool Room Grade, 36”x48”x6” Tool Room Grade, 36”x60”x8"Tool Room Grade, 48”x48”x6”Tool Room Grade, 48”x72”x8"Tool Room Grade, 18"x18”x4” Grade A Inspection, 18"x24”x6” Grade A Inspection, 24"x36”x6” Grade A Inspection, 24"x24”x6” Grade A Inspection, 30"x48”x8" Grade A Inspection, 36"x36”x6” Grade A Inspection, 36"x48”x8" Grade A Inspection, 36"x60"x10" Grade A Inspection, 48"x48”x8" Grade A Inspection, 48"x72"x10"Grade A Inspection


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