Zeiss Handysurf E35-B Handheld Surface Finish Tester


The Handysurf E-35 B Standard Type Surface Finish Tester is used for the inspection of incoming goods, in production or in final assembly, Handysurf makes quality assurance incredibly flexible. You take this compact, hand-held (pocket sized) profilometer to the part, and not vice versa. There is no easier way to measure, evaluate and  document surface roughness than with Handysurf.

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Handysurf E35-B
12.5mm Skidded Tracing Drive, removable type
LVDT Probe w/5 umR stylus (E-DT-SM10A)
Portable, Micro-Processor with LCD display
28 roughness parameters w/ Ra, Rq, Rmax, Rz, Rk, Pc, Tp
Calibration roughness specimen (E-MC-S24B)
RS-232C PC Connector
Rear Driver Support, Extension Cable, Handy case
AC adapter (120v)
Operator Manual (English) with Digital I/O Specifications


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