HANDYSURF E-35B consisting of:

  • Portable, Micro-Processor with LCD display (E-MD-S180A)
  • 12.5mm Skidded Tracing Driver, removable type (E-RM-S173A)
  • Transducer Pickup (+/- 160um) w/ 5 umR stylus (E-DT-SM10A)
  • 28 Roughness parameters w/ Ra, Pa, Pq, Pt, Rz, Rz.J, Rzmax, Rq, Rp, Rt, R3z, RSm, Pc, AVH, Hmax, Hmin, Pmr, Rmr, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, Vo, K
  • 5 International Standards / 7 International Languages
  • Calibration Ra Roughness Specimen (E-MC-S24B)
  • RS-232C PC Connector
  • Rear driver support, Extension cable, Handy case
  • AC adapter 120v (E-SC-S119A)
  • Operator Manual (English) with Digital I/O Specifications
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Range: Measuring range (Z axis) ±160 µm
Resolution: Resolution (Z axis) 0.01 µm at ±20 µm/0.08 at ±160 µm
Exchangeable styli
Various styli can be used and easily exchanged as needed to fit the application.
Probing force: 0.7 mN/4 mN
Stylus tip: Diamond, 2 µm/60° or 5 µm/90°
Skid: Sapphire

PN:  ZEISS HANDYSURF E-35B 625006-8109-000


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