Mitutoyo 571 Series Digimatic Depth Gage


•No rack, no pinion, no glass scale, Linear Scale is safely embedded in the hardened stainless steel blade
•Sliding LCD unit offers push button control for inch/mm selection, absolute zero setting and turning the display
on and off. Battery life is approximately two years with normal use
•LCD unit displays “Eo5” for movement error and “B” for battery replacement.
Note: sliding unit can be moved as fast as 40″ per second
•Power supply: Silver oxide cell ( SR-44 1pc.) 541980

571-211-30 0-6″ 0-150mm

571-212-30 0-8″ 0-200mm

571-213-30 0-12″ 0-300mm

571-214-10 0-18″ 0-450mm

571-215-10 0-24″ 0-600mm

571-216 0-30″ 0-750mm

571-217 0-40″ 0-1000mm

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0-6" 0-150mm, 0-8" 0-200mm, 0-12" 0-300mm, 0-18" 0-450mm, 0-24" 0-600mm, 0-30" 0-750mm, 0-40" 0-1000mm


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