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gagesgalore.com distributes quality gaging products throughout North America. Brown & SharpeFowlerGlastonbury, INSIZE, Mahr, Meyer, Mitutoyo, Omni, Q-Mark, Renishaw, Rex, Snap-On Industrial, Starrett,  Vermont GageVision Engineering, YPG and ZEISS are currently in stock.

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Products you can order here online include: Bore Gages, Borescopes, Calipers, Chamfer Gages, CMM Sensors, Depth Gages, Durometers, Force Measuring, Gage Blocks and Sets, Hardness Testers, Height Gages, Indicators, Micrometers, Microscopes, Modular Fixtures, Optical Comparators, Pin Gages, Reference Gages, Shop Tools, Snap Gages, Storage, Surface Finish, Surface Plates, Thickness Gages, and Torque Gages

Welcome to Gagesgalore.com!

Gagesgalore.com sells high-quality measuring tools from the most popular manufacturers. Since 1999, Gagesgalore.com has sold measuring products from ZEISS, Mitutoyo, Renishaw, Starrett, Mahr, Vermont Gage, Fowler, and more! Our extensive selection of gages and tools are all available on our store for purchase. We offer Calibration Services and Training as well. Look for monthly specials on a wide range of tools and accessories. Not finding what you're looking for? Contact Us, chances are we have the tool you need at the best price on the internet.

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gagesgalore.com began in December of 1999. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, gagesgalore.com distributes quality gaging products throughout North America. Brown & Sharpe, Fowler, Mitutoyo, Omni, Q-Mark, Renishaw, Rex Gauge Company, Magnescale , Starrett, Te-Co, Vermont Gage, and Zeiss are the companies whose products are sold online at gagesgalore.com. Currently, products available for sale include […]